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Oct 14, 2016

From the first VP debate in 1976 to now, a look at the No. 2's and how their one big campaign moment can change things, or not.

Oct 13, 2016

The history of 2nd debates in American History.  Often this is where the action happens. In 1960, it changed the election campaign even if no one noticed.  

Oct 6, 2016

From negotiations, to locations, to dress - everything in a Presidential debate matters.  Why wouldn't it, when it was felt by many that the first debate ever was won on style points.  

Oct 2, 2016

Two candidates.  Both disliked by their parties.  Not loved by voters.  One maybe slightly better than the other.  Until a scandal breaks, making the election a squeaker.  

Oct 1, 2016

Looking at historical trends for both sides of the election, Bruce finds five for Hillary, but also five for Trump and tells a story about how Coolidge didn't like Hoover so much.