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Dec 1, 2016

Based on a new book by Bruce, a look at the myth that the President creates jobs, from Monroe to Kennedy to Trump

Nov 10, 2016

A look at the election of 1916, also a surprise to supposed-President Hughes.  And about 2016, how close all of us were and how far away, and what happens now.  

Nov 7, 2016

An interview with Ben and Bob (who turned out to be a fellow college grad of mine) of the excellent Road to Now podcast we discuss all sorts of things about Presidential elections.



Nov 1, 2016

Was it a comeback, really, or did the polls just get what was going on wrong.  Days before the 2016 election, we looked at this question.

Oct 13, 2016

The history of 2nd debates in American History.  Often this is where the action happens. In 1960, it changed the election campaign even if no one noticed.