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Feb 15, 2019

Carter Ford '76, and the Presidential debate snafu that lead to an unplanned moment of silence.  

Feb 7, 2019

A look at one of America's earliest blockbusters, the little book that changed American minds: Common Sense, its author Thomas Paine, the impact it had at the time and what it might mean today. We also examine the creative differences Paine had with his printers, and how much it might have cost to advertise for a...

Feb 2, 2019

With so many candidates already announced for 2020, it's worthwhile looking at other elections with lots of candidates, starting with 1988.  

Jan 22, 2019

He's the President that is on the bottom of most lists.  But why?  And is it fair?  What did he think about his place in history?  We talk about POTUS 15 and look at the events of the run-up to the American Civil War, and we hear from Buchanan, and get his take on his Presidency, through...

Jan 17, 2019

Lincoln had many successes in the courtroom prior to becoming President.  But it was his failure to win the Todd Estate case, for his own family, that defined his anti-slavery views.  Bruce goes back to his interview with Sidney Blumenthal, author of 'Wrestling with his Angel' with a focus on this particular turning...