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Jan 28, 2018

In 1981, the government was shut off - that's what they called it then.  But just for a day.  We discuss how new the concept of sending federal workers home is, and when and how it started.  Plus a show update and some of the other podcasts I've appeared on.  

Jan 20, 2018

It's 1983 and the world is scared.  In answering the question of Reagan's credit for "winning the Cold War." it's necessary to break up the first-term pre-Gorbachev moves from the second-term moves.  We do that in this episode. 


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Jan 14, 2018

We speak with Greg Barker, the director of THE FINAL YEAR, a documentary about the final year of Barack Obama's Presidency that featured inside access to officials.  And look at the final years of other Presidents.

Next week, Episode 10 of A Dozen Ronald Reagans - a new episode.  

Jan 11, 2018

An Election Changes Everything...A Secretary of State Loses Favor with the White House...A President Defies Norms...Secretaries Make Shocking Statements...Springsteen is Angry  -A tremendous upheaval in politics occurred with a new President influenced by new media and speaking new political language, with a...

Jan 9, 2018

In the eight part of our series on the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, we look at the scandal that engulfed his administration, and management style mistakes that may have led to it.  In the course of doing this we peel back a few layers, including the Walsh investigation and the critical Senate investigation.